Saturday, November 13, 2010


Have you guys heard of a little big movie company called NetFlix? It's a relatively new company that specializes in the art of video rental. "So? We got Blockbuster and whatnot. What makes this so special?" You may ask. But my friend, NetFlix is the future of how we, hard working movie-goers, purchase, rent, and watch our beloved movies.

If you haven't heard, the rental titan Blockbuster is in a financial decline. They are currently in second place in the revenue scale behind the rapidly growing NetFlix. (Stats do not lie, dude)

But hold on, why the hell am I writing a blog about NetFlix and Blockbuster? I know you're disappointed by the lack of my last two favorite movies of all time since my Top Thirteen list is getting more dramatic each post (oh yes i did.) But because I just signed up for a NetFlix account! This past weekend! Wooo!

I'm telling you guys NetFlix lives up to the hype. We human beings are lazy. It's true. And we don't want to go all the way to the movie place to rent a movie, watch it once, and return it ourselves. No, we'd rather have it shipped directly to us at our on convenience; and THAT is what NetFlix has going for them. But the biggest, baddest, most amazing feat that NetFlix has reached, is giving the consumers the ability to watch a movie anytime, anywhere, through online streaming of their large collection of movies. Imagine that. A movie at your convenience streamed directly to your laptop or computer at high resolution DVD quality. That is just amazing. Groundbreaking even. Sooner or later, there won't even be hard copy discs anymore, but everything will be digital and compressed for even more convenience. I personally have already watched over seven movies this weekend alone compared to none these past two months. It's just amazing. And the best part? It's only $ 8.99 a month. FUCKYEAH!

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